Smoke & Sunshine: The West Coast BBQ Company Legacy

It all started on one Southern Californian evening, our family and friends were gathered around the grill in our backyard, savoring the aroma of slow-cooked ribs and sharing stories of generations past. It was in this moment that the idea for the West Coast BBQ Company was born.

The Jones family has a rich history of cooking and BBQ mastery, with secret recipes passed down through the years. The love for the art of cooking & BBQ is woven into our DNA. We understand that the West Coast has its own unique way of BBQing, blending flavors that reflected the diverse cultures and vibrant lifestyle of the west.

With a mission to bring authentic West Coast BBQ rubs to our communities, our family has worked tirelessly to perfect our signature rubs. Our blends capture the essence of Backyard BBQ’s, Tailgating, Fiestas, and Hot Summer beach days. Each bottle of rub holds the essence of the West Coast spirit, infusing every meal with a taste of California soul.

West Coast BBQ Company’s goals to expand our offerings by introducing marinades, sauces and injections are coming soon. The company's commitment to quality and authenticity will never waver, ensuring that every product that bares our name is a testament to the rich history of the West Coast BBQ culture.

Today, the Award-Winning West Coast BBQ Company stands as a shining example of the power of family, tradition, and the pursuit of culinary excellence. From humble backyard beginnings, we’re are growing to become a beloved BBQ staple in Southern California, a source of pride for the community, and a beacon for BBQ enthusiasts across the West Coast. 

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Awards an dRecognitions.

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    3rd Annual Operations Smoke Ring

    Thrilled to announce that West Coast BBQ Company clinched 3rd place for our brisket at the 3rd Annual Operation Smoke Ring Competition hosted by Marine Corps League 2023. A smokin' achievement we're proud of!